How It All Started!!

Kidz Kave - How It All Started

Hi and thanks for popping along to read my story. 😀

My name is Luisa and I love socks. More specifically, loud, bright, funky, wacky socks! Is that a secret confession, I hear you ask? Well, anyone who knows me well enough, would say not. I mean, if you’re going to wear a sock, you might as well make a statement whilst doing so, right?

My love of crazy socks started at quite a young age, so when I first thought about setting up an online website to sell them, I immediately thought about children’s socks. What about a website totally dedicated to all those fabulous little people who bring so much colour into our lives? How about sending some of that colour back to them?

And so, in July 2020, after a lot of brainstorming with my husband Dez, Kidz Kave was born.

I’ll be honest, it was something of a necessity that finally gave me the push to do this. The “Great Covid-19 Pandemic of 2020” was wreaking havoc around the world and job security was flying out of the window, left, right and centre. I wasn’t sure if I’d even have a job at the end of it, so with an attitude of “being prepared for all eventualities” I started to work on this little seed of an idea, you know, just in case?

Well, it seemed that my hunch was right and that I’d called it (correctly for once!) and I found myself summoned to my place of work to be told that due to downscaling, they would have to let me go. Understandable with everything that was going on around us, but in a way a turn of events to take advantage of? Sometimes, when there's a grey cloud in your life, you do just need to look for the silver lining and if you get given those lemons, then just make lemonade - or stick them on a pair of socks!

OK, inspirational quotes aside, it was an opportunity that I didn’t want to lose. So, I grabbed it with both hands.

Dez and I are parents to a ten-year-old little boy, Harley, who funnily enough also likes loud and crazy socks. I wonder where he gets that from? Hubby works in Online Marketing (yes, I am using and abusing him for that particular talent as much as is deemed appropriate!) and as you are now aware I was working a part time job, whilst also being mum and chauffeur to our little fella for all his after school activities. Well, at least until lockdown started!

Flexibility is always key when you have a young child and I think that all parents appreciate that working around their timetable does dictate how you arrange your working lifestyle.

So, this is a new chapter in our lives, which I am so excited to be able to share with you all.

I am extremely aware that without the support of all you lovely folk out there, this venture would not be possible and for that I am so incredibly grateful.

As I said at the start, I love socks and I hope that you love them all too and inspire the children that you buy them for to get as excited about them as I do! 😀