In The Kave With... Happy Socks

In The Kave With... Happy Socks

Happy Socks! Well, for starters, they really do what they say! They make you happy! What I like about this brand is that they still have some amazing and funky designs but these ones generally come in matching pairs. So, they’re perfect for those who might not want to wear odd socks.

Obviously, they do mean a little bit more work for Dez, when it comes to matching the washing, but I tell him it’s good to keep his brain active and it’s really just a game of SNAP! that he’s effectively playing - that excuse seems to be working well for the moment! To be fair, even when you are matching up a pair, they are so bright and colourful that they stand out pretty well, so it’s not really that much of a biggie! Not like when you have at least 10 different pairs of black socks to match, which all have a slightly different style (you know what I mean?!) and this is one of the reasons why colourful socks are quite popular in our house! 

Happy Socks history

As far as this premium brand goes, Happy Socks was started up in 2008 in Sweden, again by two friends, Mikael and Viktor. I have to say that I didn’t realize that socks were quite the hot topic among guys! ;-) But thank goodness they were, otherwise the world would have been deprived of some awesome frickin' socks!

These guys decided between them that the world needed to have more colourful socks in it, since, black, white and gray ones just weren't cutting it when it came to creativity and fashion. But, most importantly, they wanted their socks to spread happiness. And what a good job they did, since they have been supplying over 90 countries worldwide with their happy designs ever since! 

Happy Socks Range