In the Kave with… Peeperz Trainer Socks

In the Kave with… Peeperz Trainer Socks

Whilst we absolutely love the brands that we sell here at Kidz Kave, we have to admit that we were feeling a bit left out and really wanted to have some socks that we could call our own. So, we scoured the corners of the earth and finally discovered these amazing kids Trainer Socks that eventually came to be called Peeperz. It was actually Kizi and Scrap who came up with the name (after about 12 seconds consideration) since the little designs on the heel “peep” at you over the top of the trainer! And who are we to argue with that?

Kids Trainer Socks That Stay Up

We made sure they were tried and tested, not only by Scrap and Kizi (obviously) but also by a selection of young people and the opinion was unanimous. Extremely comfortable, nice and breathable and soooo cute! What really clinched the deal though was the fact that they stayed up nicely and didn't end up halfway down their foot inside their shoe. Always a winner!

And believe me, we have fussy testers to contend with!

Varied Designs of Peeperz Trainer Socks

As you might have noticed, we like to have a bit of a mix when it comes to the designs that we select to sell, so that we can try to have something that everyone likes. It was the same with the Peeperz and we think that these cute designs hit the mark when it comes to diversity.

There are 4 fabulous designs to choose from (Flowerz, Gamerz, Smilerz and Superz) and each one comes in two size ranges (6 - 8 Yrs & 9 - 12 Yrs), so there’s something for everyone.

A Sock with a Fantastic Size Range

The beauty of these socks, aside from the cute designs, is the size range. Whilst they are marked as 6-8 Yrs and 9-12 Yrs, they actually have a fantastic range, with the smaller size able to be worn by children with a small UK size 9 up to a size 1. The 9-12 Yrs will fit a UK size 2 all the way up to an adult size 6. I can vouch for that since I’m a size 6 and have personally tried them! So, even you young at heart grown ups can nab yourself a set of these cool trainer socks. I mean, why should the kids be the only ones to have funky trainer socks?

Click this link to check them out!