In the Kave with… United Oddsocks

In the Kave with… United Oddsocks

When we were first toying with the idea of creating Kidz Kave and selling socks for children, United Oddsocks was the first brand that sprung to mind. Oddsocks have been a favourite of ours for a long time! I’d bought them before for my little boy, Harley, and he absolutely loves them. He says they are comfy to wear and he likes the loud colours and the great designs. Mashers are at the top for him, but I think the gaming ones are fast becoming his favourite, as he’s definitely been getting into his tech more as he’s got older! Dez, my husband, also loves these socks. Reason being, he generally gets the job of sorting out the clean underwear once it’s come off the line (I know, I’m blessed! Lol!) and it makes his life a lot easier when he’s got less matching pairs to find! 😁

A perfect gift

Kids love the funky designs and these really are a great gift if you aren't quite sure what to get for a child’s Birthday or for Christmas. The fact that you can mix and match them all means that even if one of them disappears for a while (under the bed, at the back of a cupboard or anywhere else as random!) you can still pair it up with another equally odd sock! You just can’t go wrong!

United Oddsocks history

To give you a bit of background on this UK brand, the concept for United Oddsocks was born in 2005. The brainchild of two friends, Gary and Paul, the idea was simple: “imagine people wearing oddsocks, different patterns and colours, and a little bit of self-expression everyday”. Today their vision is a simple one… they don’t want to change the world, they just want everyone to have the opportunity to do something different every day. I love this! As I’ve previously mentioned, this is a philosophy that runs closely with what we want to promote to children: Don’t be scared to stand out and express yourself, be tolerant of those who do and be proud to be an individual - even if it does just start with wearing a bright pair of socks!

As we progress we will start to expand on the designs on offer, so keep checking back regularly and keep a monster's eye out for new stock coming in! 

United Oddsocks Range