About Us

Kidz Kave was established in 2020, as an online store for selling bright and colourful, funky socks for children aged 4+. We are stockists for well-known brands United Oddsocks, MADMIA and Happy Socks.

A real family business, run by Luisa, the website was built by her husband Dez and some of the funky products modelled by her son, Harley. So, your support and custom really are appreciated by the whole family! 

One of the key elements for us when it comes to socks is quality. We know there are a lot of companies out there selling cheaper socks, but we only want to sell on brands that we know have a proven track record for supplying a good quality sock. We want you, our clients, to be happy with the money you are spending and to know that you won’t need to keep replacing socks on a regular basis – unless they get eaten by the washing machine and disappear into the abyss that is reserved for socks and Tupperware lids… Then you will need to buy more! 😉

The other element that drives our passion for funky and colourful socks, is individuality. We want children to be proud to stand out from a crowd, embrace their “inner crazy” and celebrate being unique. And what better way to start, than with loud socks!?

Being a mother herself, Luisa believes it’s good to be different and that we need to teach our children that individuality is not a thing to shy away from. We also want to help them to understand and be tolerant of those that they meet through their life who are different and encourage the confidence in all children to shine through.

At present, we are offering socks for children ranging from a small size 9 with some of the socks for older kids reaching up to a larger size 8. There is the possibility of expanding this to include younger children and babies in the future and we are also hoping to bring in our own brand down the line, so watch this space for any new and exciting developments, as they occur.

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And, of course, if you have any comments, suggestions or general feedback then please Reach Out to us, since we are always happy to hear from you.

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The gift boxes were a great present for my grandson. He loved the socks!

Mary J

Our little boy loves wild and wacky colours, so these are right up his street.

James Dunn