Meet The Monsters

So, who are these cute monsters popping up on our website? Well, they are the dwellers of Kidz Kave and this has been their home for quite some time! Even before we got here!

This lovable family is made up of Dad (Teshi), Mum (Nyra) and their two children, Scrap and Kizi. They look after the Kave, protecting it from any evil outsiders, whilst keeping an eye on all our goodies! However, occasionally they find wondrous items in the Kave and if that happens they will let us know what they have discovered and then we’ll let you know!

In the meantime, let’s meet these cute little critters…..


Teshi is over 150 years old, so there’s no point in arguing with him, because as far as he's concerned, he’s very wise and always right! He is very protective of his family and there isn’t anything that he wouldn’t do to keep them happy. He enjoys cycling and bungee jumping, but his favourite pastime is singing in the shower. Which he does a lot. Badly.
He's also an avid stamp collector, apparently!


Nyra is not over 150 years old and whilst she won’t insist that she’s always right, it’s because she knows that she generally is! For a monster, she has a very calming personality and is very generous and kind. In her spare time she enjoys painting with lots of lovely loud colours and doing origami! Her secret passion is binge watching box sets on Netflix, once the kids have gone to bed!


Scap is your typical tweenager, so you’ve probably guessed already that his favorite things to do include watching YouTube videos, playing on his Xbox and making random videos to upload to Tik-Tok. Living in the Kave really suits Scrap, because it’s nice and dark and he doesn’t get a glare on his TV. When he does venture out, his hobbies include karate, rambling, duck herding and collecting sticks. Lots of sticks.

He also has an extreme phobia of using capital letters and full stops, when doing his homework!


Kizi is the baby of the family and knows exactly how to get her own way - most of the time! She is quite stubborn, but she has a heart of gold and really looks up to her big brother. She is a master at the Rubix Cube and can complete it every time in less than 1 minute. Her hobbies include hula hooping, rollerblading and fossil hunting. She also has a talent for carving animals out of soap!

Ironically, for someone that lives in a Kave, she dislikes getting dirty and is afraid of the dark!